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August 2019 Issue


::EDITORIAL:: Free Trade Agreements between nations. Will Indian seafood suffer? ::NEWS:: SeabassHatchery to be setup in Maharashtra :: TARS 2019 ends on a high note for Asia’s aquafeeds sector, Timeto Zhingalala! :: British retailer Tesco updates standards, encourages algal oil-fed Salmon :: TNJFU launches ‘Kayalagam’ (Fish House) in a bid to expand the fish processing industry in Tamil Nadu by S. Balasundari,S. Felix:: Photo of the month - Apatani women selling common carp in local markets of Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh. :: ARTICLES:: ICAR-CIFRI celebrates its 73rd Foundation Day by Basanta Das, Sukanya Som, Piyashi Deb Roy, Arun Pandit, Arhan Das:: First Report on the Emerging Gillnet Fishery of Threadfin Breams and Lizard Fish off Kollam, Kerala by M.P. Remesan, Paras Nath Jha, LeelaEdwin:: Exploring Mahseer Angling at Bagi Village of Pauri, Garhwal, Uttarakhand by Deepjyoti Baruah, Ravindra Posti and Abhishek Mishra:: Genomic Resources for Fisheries Research by Murali .S, Ajey Pathak, Iliyas Rashid, Ravindra Kumar, Mahender Singh, Basdeo Kushwaha :: Effects of Aflatoxin (AFB1) in Aquaculture – A Review by Varuna Baglodi :: Functional feed additives, key to an effective strategy against White Faeces Syndrome in white shrimp - Indian challenge by Ho Gim Chong, Brajesh Kumar, Waldo G. Nuez-Ortín, Maria Mercè Isern-Subich and Alexander van Halteren :: Design and development of an electrically charged net for removing predators and unwanted fish from farm ponds by K.P. Biswas

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