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July 2019 Issue


The topics contained in this issue are: Research Avenues for Fish Bioinformatics: Signs and Perceptions in India by Dr A. K Pathak, Dr N.S Nagpure of NBFGR and CIFE, Need for Reducing Carbon Emission from Indian Fishing Vessels by Dr T. Ravikumar, Dr N. Neethiselvan, Amala Shajeeva of Department of Fishing Technology and Fisheries Engineering (FCRI), Current Status of Pangasius (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) Farming in India by Dr K Gopal Rao, B Ch Mohan Avanigadda, Ravi Babu Godumala, Onboard Inspection and Quality Assessment of Fish during Transhipment in the High Seas of Western Africa by Yogesh Kumar,Dr V.S. Chandrasekaran, Genetically Modified Aquafeed Ingredients: Prospect for Aquaculture by Dr Shivendra Kumar, Srijit Chakravarty, Satya Prakash, Gopal Kumar and Dr S. C. Rai, Sport Fisheries in India by Dr Amit Mandal, Dr S. K. Das, Dr Sachin O. Kairnar and Dr Pratap Mukhopadhyay, along with news coverage of various events. In the next issue: Coverage of APA 2019.

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