O Captain! My Captain!
Mr. J. V. H. Dixitulu

Dedicated to the Development of Indian Fishery and Aquaculture Industries

We aim to keep the fisheries and aquaculture sectors informed with actionable information. Our journey began when Mr. J.V.H.Dixitulu (late), launched Fishing Chimes, our English edition in 1981. His extensive experience both in the public and the private sectors, coupled with his determination to have a world class journal for fisheries, has given it a strong standing.

We publish two other editions for aquaculture, namely, Chepala Sandadi (Telugu) and Matsyo Sangbad (Bengali). In 2017, Mr.Eashwar Dev Anand, the grandson of Mr.Dixitulu established Farmhub Services. Farmhub Services works at ways to optimise fisheries and aquaculture by working with the industry. Work on a slew of resources and tools are currently underway.

We have three editions for Aquaculture and Fisheries:

Fishing Chimes
Fishing Chimes

Fishing Chimes is our flagship publication. Through Fishing Chimes, we bring useful and actionable information to the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. With each volume, we strive to improve the quality and content with sections like the FARMHUB KNOWLEDGE SERIES.

Chepala Sandadi
Chepala Sandadi

The State of Andhra Pradesh is an early adopter of technology and aqua farming is done in an intensive manner. Our Telugu edition, Chepala Sandadi works to assist farmers in diversifying their culture species and optimising their existing farming operations. This edition was launched in 2010.

Fishing Chimes
Matsyo Sangbad

While farmers in Andhra Pradesh look at optimising operations, the farmers in the State of West Bengal require support in scaling operations. Matsyo Sangbad, our Bengali edition, was established in 2016 with this goal. The Bengali edition is a bimonthly magazine and is committed to serve the needs of the farmers in the states of Bengal, Odisha, Assam and other Bengali speaking farmer communities.

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