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Fish Farmers Day has been celebrated at the Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai on 8th July, 2005. On this occasion Dr. S.C. Mukherjee, Director, CIFE extended a hearty welcome to the Chief Guest, Dr. S. D. Tripathi, former Director, CIFE and to the guest of honour Dr. K. N. Sankholli, former Dean, College of Fisheries, Ratnagiri, to the farmers from various States and to the other guests. Observing that India ranked fourth in the world fish production with an annual growth rate of 6%, he said that in inland aquaculture production, India held the second position globally, adding that, since last 10 years fish production had almost doubled in the country with increased utilisation of resources and intensification of effort. With the view of commemorating the achievements of inland culture fisheries sector, the Fisheries Division of the Union Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, decided to earmark 10th July as a special day for the fish farmers of the country, called Fish Farmers Day. The pioneering results achieved by Dr. Hiralal Chaudhuri and Prof. Alikunhi on induced breeding of major carps on 10th July, 1957 and its enormous application in the rural sector had enabled spread of scientific and sustainable fish farming in the country in last four decades. The culture fisheries sector had grown by leaps and bounds in last 20-25 years in the country to generate employment, achieve higher production and it had become an aggressive income generating industry, he added.
He emphasised that ever since its establishment in 1961, CIFE, Mumbai had been playing a pivotal role in fisheries education and training, while also observing that, today, CIFE stood tall as a premier alma mater in the Global Fisheries Map. The alumni of this Institute had spread all over India and abroad as renowned researchers, administrators, eminent teachers, farm owners and established entrepreneurs. CIFE fondly honours these veterans of Indian fisheries sector of the country every year on the “Farmers’ Day” who excel in their efforts in augmenting fish production and who have become examples in the fish farming sector for their leadership, he said.
More than 150 farmers participated in the function including those from Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Rajasthan. On the occasion seven farmers from different States were felicitated and given Best Farmer Award for their contributions to aquaculture as detailed in the following paragraph.
Messers Dipak Roy and Ashish Kumar Sarkar of West Bengal, Mr. Balusu Suryanarayana Murthy of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Ajit Sinha Patil, Managing Director, Pancham Aqua Farm Ltd., Maharashtra, Mr. Kamalesh Gupta, Secretary, Maharashtra Shrimp Farmers Association, Mr. Manoj Sharma of Gujarat and Mr. Amit Kumar Tarad of Rajasthan were given the Awards. Mr. Pradeep Navik, Gujarat received a letter of appreciation. The chief guest Dr. S. D. Tripathi felicitated the farmers and distributed the Awards.
On the eve of ‘Fish Farmers Day 2005’ the first Dr. Jalihal Memorial Trust Award for best thesis of M.F.Sc. was also presented to Miss Dharitri Chaudhuri of CIFE, Mumbai by the Guest of Honour Dr. K. N. Sankolli for her thesis entitled “Effect of dietary immunonutrients on growth and survival of Labeo rohita fingerlings”. Her thesis work was supervised by Dr. A. K. Pal, Principal Scientist of CIFE, Mumbai. Dr. R. S. Biradar, Head, Division of FITE & TD, CIFE briefed about the objectives of Dr. Jalihal Memorial Award. Ms. Chaudhuri explained her work through a power point presentation.
The awardees explained their success stories through documentary films and power point presentations. Dr. M.P.S. Kohli proposed the vote of thanks.
Given here under are accounts of achievements of Awardees.
A.B. Patil : One out of the seven Best Fish Farmer Awards of CIFE for the year 2005 was conferred upon Ajitsinha Bajirao Patil in recognition of his contribution to Aquaculture on West coast of India. An engineer by profession, Patil took up Aquaculture at Saphale region, Thane district, Maharashtra in the year 1990. He established the Pancham Aquaculture Farm and produced therefrom per annum upto 9.3 tons/ha/crop of P. indicus and upto 5.5 tons/ha/crop of P. monodon. His experiments in culturing Seabass with Tilapia as forage fish, polyculturing of Milkfish with Shrimp, Shrimp culture without water exchange etc. are exemplary and noteworthy innovative contributions. He is presently working as a Co-investigator of a project funded by the Department of Biotechnology (Govt. of India). He participated in a large number of Seminars/Training Programmes/Study tours/Workshops in India and represented the fish farming community of the country abroad on several occasions.
Amit Kumar Tarad: Another of the Best Fish Farmer Awards of CIFE for the year 2005 was conferred upon Amit Kumar Tarad in recognition of his contribution in Aquaculture in Rajasthan State. He took up Aquaculture in Distt. Hanumangarh, Rajasthan in the year 2002 under guidance from CIFE. Tarad established a small fish farm of 0.5 ha. He is a leading aquaculturist in the region having 4.75 ha of waterspread area. Although very young, Mr. Tarad is a diligent and enthusiastic farmer who has been able to motivate local farmers. With his effort several local farmers and unemployed youths have adopted aquaculture in the district and in surrounding regions.
Kamlesh Gupta: Another of the Best Fish Farmer Awards of CIFE for the year 2005 was conferred upon Mr. Kamlesh Gupta in recognition of his contribution to Aquaculture on west coast of India. He graduated in Business Management from Temple University, Philadelphia, USA and presently he is the Chairman of Aqua Alliance. He established the first shrimp hatchery in Gujarat, and it is the first hatchery in the west coast to instal a PCR testing facility. His is also the first shrimp farm with long arm aerators installed in it and he commands 70% market share in trading shrimp feed and its supplements in Gujarat and Maharashtra. He is the recipient of many awards one of which is the Award for contribution towards development of aquaculture in Gujarat State.
Ashis Kumar Sarkar: Another one out of the Best Fish Farmer Awardees of CIFE for the year 2005, Ashis Kumar Sarkar received it in recognition of his contribution to Aquaculture in West Bengal, India. Basically a commerce graduate, Sarkar took up Aquaculture at Sarkar Matshya Prakalpa, Dist. Uttar Dinajpur, P.O. Hemtabad, West Bengal. He established the Sarkar Matshya Prakalpa Farm and promoted its steady growth. He prompted breeding and survival of endangered species, viz., Kalbasu, Ompak pabda, Puntius sarana, Mahaseer, etc. The water recycling technology developed by him has recently been successfully introduced in the farm with a view to protecting the underground water table. He underwent several training programmes in the Field of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, Dairy, Horticulture etc., conducted by ICAR Institutes and the State Fisheries Department. He has developed a well laid botanical garden, a place of learning for all class of people and students.
Balusu Suryanarayana Murthy: One out of the seven Best Fish Farmer Awards of CIFE for the year 2005 was conferred upon Balusu Suryanarayana Murthy in recognition of his contribution to management of hatcheries on East coast of India. He established 40 million capacity shrimp hatchery M/s. Bala Tripura Sundari Aqua Products Pvt. Ltd., at Kakinada, A.P. during the year 1995 and gradually increased its capacity to 100 million nos. He produces good quality tiger shrimp seed, processes various probiotics, bioproducts, etc. Murthy’s experiments on Ozone application for treatment of water on commercial scale are exemplary. He demonstrates various technologies regularly to college students and entrepreneurs. He has provided excellent facilities to students of CIFE and the North-eastern fisheries students for hands-on-training programmes at his hatchery which is a model of its own kind for its utility in hatchery management.
Dipak Roy: One among the Best Fish Farmer Awardees of CIFE for the year 2005, the Award was conferred upon Dipak Roy in recognition of his contribution to Aquaculture in West Bengal, India. Roy has an experience of 20 years in the field of induced breeding and 15 years in captive breeding of endangered fishes like Notopterus chitala, Nandus nandus, Pungasius pungasius, etc. His experiments on breeding and culture of diverse fish species to maintain natural equilibrium and biodiversity are exemplary. He was earlier awarded the Best Farmer Award from ICAR, Malda Sanmilone and CIFRI. He attended a large number of Seminars/Trainings/Study tours/Workshops in India organised by ICAR Institutes and the state fisheries department.
Manoj Sharma: CIFE conferred one of its Best Fish Farmer Awards for the year 2005 upon Manoj Sharma in recognition of his contribution to Aquaculture in Gujarat, especially for shrimp farming in Surat district. He is the first Consultant to be recognized by MPEDA in the Western region. He is an alumni of CIFE, and he was instrumental in setting up of scientific brackishwater shrimp farming practices in Surat and adjoining areas. He is the recipient of many awards including Dr. Hiralal Chaudhuri Fisheries Foundation Best Farmer Award, for Aquaculture Development in Gujarat, etc.